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A Soul Skater works at Pup 'N Suds.
Frankie Muniz discovers soapbox racing.
Urchins vs. Skies; 'the temperature is down, but the surf is up!'
A thirteen-year-old girl....IN SPACE!
Lizzie McGuire and Ren Stevens meet at military school.
Oh no! Cody's turning into a mermaid! I mean...merMAN. x.x
Gold coins, leprechaun b-ballers, and a corny rendition of 'This Land is Your Land.'
The only real estate that'll ever make you a smoothie.
A teenager works in a movie theater; 'the ___ of the ____ strikes again!'
Sort of like the Twelfth Night, but with motorcycle racing.
DescriptionMovie title
A girl is framed by the Boogeyman, oh no!!!
A kid sends a message into outer space and makes friends with an alien disguised as a dog.
The story of the world's first mind-reading dog psychiatrist!
'Look beyond black and white and you'll find....'
A really smart kid tries to become a bad boy; there might've been flying hockey players involved.
The Lawrence brothers are attacked by pirates.
Outer space girl, part two!
A family of superheroes; they don't like aluminum foil.
Basically, a battle of bowling leagues.
Tahj Mowry vs. a crazy little dog.

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