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American Airlines, New York Subway, Benetton
Avant Garde, Mother & Child, Families
Bridges of Babylon, Anni Kuan, Lou Reed
Lifesize digital nude, China Club, Cerritos
I heart NY, Pushpin, Dylan
Anatomy of a murder, Quaker, United Airlines
Factory Records, Joy Division
'beethoven', Neue Grafik, musica viva
Design Observer, Museum of Modern Art, Saks
Total Design, Gridnik, New Alphabet
Reuters, V&A, Art of Looking Sideways
Beach Culture, Ray Gun, Transworld Skateboarding
Dubonnet, Bifur type, Peignot
Design Matters, Look Both Ways, Essential Principles of
The Face, Arena, Research Studios
Public Theatre, Citibank, CBS Records
Munich 1972, Rotis, Stick Figures
Chase, PBS, Mobil
Bauhaus, Die Neue Typograhie, Penguin

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