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The Jetsons' Maid
Will Smith's rule-breaking friend
Important in the history of automata, this fowl robot created by Jacques de Vaucanson in 1638 could eat and use the little robot's room
Popular Edutainment toy that utilized cassette tapes
Protocol droid built by the future Mr. Vader
Questionable Content's little perverted robot, owned by Marten
A certain Douglas Adams paranoid android
The Doctor's dog-like companion
Astromech droid delivering a princess' message
Borg turned nice working under Captain Janeway
'Glorified toasters' assisted in their attacks by Gaius Baltar
Chrono's teammate from 2300 A.D.
Soong created officer under Captain Picard
Honda created humanoid robot that totally has absolutely nothing to do with a certain science fiction author
Nintendo's NES peripheral, an unlockable character in Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Asimov's 'Mixed-Up Robot'
He was rebuilt. They had the technology. They made him better, stronger, faster.
Amoral brother of Data
These Austin Powers robots had guns for mammory glands
Spaceballs' Princess Vespa had this robotic companion
Mutant hunting robots
BONUS: This is the short story Asimov invented the word 'robotics' in

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