2nd Conjugation Latin Verbs

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English verbLatin verb
I favour, support (+dative)
I appear
I am strong, have influence
I persuade, convince (+dative)
I increase, exaggerate
I owe, ought
I obey
I lie
I provide, give, show, offer
I need, am in want of, lack (+gen. or abl.)
I hold, keep, maintain
I answer, reply
I hold back, restrain, keep
I besiege, blockade
I order, command
I move
I destroy
English verbLatin verb
It is necessary, it ought, it must
I warn, advise, teach
It is allowed (+dative)
It pleases, suits, it is resolved (impersonal)
I have, hold, consider
I dare (semi-dep.)
I teach, inform
I hurt, harm (+dative)
I see
I frighten
I remain, stay
I hurt, am in pain, lament
I am accustomed (semi-dep.)
I fear, am afraid
I beware (of), take care
I rejoice (semi-dep.)

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