1st Conjugation Latin Verbs

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English verbLatin verb
I doubt, hesitate
I order, command (+dative)
I care for, cure
I set free
I give
I think, consider
I seize, take possession of, occupy
I beg
I hide
I stand, stand firm
I call, summon, invite, name
I walk
I adorn, decorate, provide, equip
I ask, ask for
I fight
I build
I sail
I invite
I tell, relate
I recite, read aloud
I look at, watch
I approach, come near to (+dative)
I attack
I despair
I avoid
I say no, deny, refuse, say that...not
I announce, report
I show, point out, indicate, instruct
English verbLatin verb
I kill
I save, protect, keep
I praise
I demand, ask
I urge on, arouse, encourage
I wander, make a mistake
I prepare, provide, obtain, compare
I do not know, am ignorant, misunderstand
I help
I greet, salute
I wound, injure
I hurry
I overcome, overpower
I enter
I shout, exclaim, proclaim
I hope, expect
I prepare, provide
I live, dwell
I forbid, order...not
I change, alter
I think, consider, reckon
I commit, entrust, command
I wake, rouse, excite
I wait for, expect
I love, like
I work, toil, am in difficulty
I convict, condemn

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