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What is Louis' middle name?
Who wrote the song 'moments'?
What year did Liam audition before 2010?
What is the name of Louis' ex-girlfriend?
Where is Niall from in Ireland?
What is Liam's middle name?
Whose number did Harry and Louis accidently give out on twitcam?
What is the name of the other x-factor contestant Zayn was linked to whilst on the x factor?
Who was their mentor on the x-factor?
Who is the only member to have a brother?
who protested?
What song would have been their winners single?
Niall's worst habbit?
What's the name of Harry's old band?
Name the song that is track 8 on the album.
What is Niall's middle name?
Liam's audition song?
Harry's audition song?
Vas ........ ?
What song did they sing week 5?
Name the song from week seven.
What did they win their Brit for?
Louis likes girls who eat...?
Zayn's audition song?
What song did they sing at Judges Houses?
Name of their second single
Name the song from week eight.
Who did the boys perform with at the final?
What are the names of Louis' twin sisters?
What is Zayn's middle name?
What is the name of Liam's girlfriend?
Louis' audition song?
How many shows did the boys do on the x-factor tour?
Who wrote the song 'I want'?
Who could be Harry's dad?
What did Zayn refuse to do at bootcamp?
Name the song from week three.
Altogether, how many nipples?
What did Louis get stung by at judges houses?
Name the song from week two.
Name the song from week four
How many sisters does Louis have?
What number did their first album chart at?
How many r's?
Who is the oldest?
Harry said Holmes Chapel was ...... ?
Niall's audition song?
Name the song from week one.
What is Harry's middle name?
Who has only got one kidney?

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