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?he also feed on him
?Takes care of the kids after her sister & brother in law dies
?Because of this, they drowned
?He use to date Vickie
?She Says You're welcome
?He was often jealous of Stefan
?he does these to forget how he feels
?this is the reason______ Hates Stefan so much
?She was saved from the Tomb
?They often use it to get away
?not human blood
?Damon also turned her into a vampire
?Its on the East Coast
The clue Answer More clues
?Also wins the Miss Mystic Falls
?First used him then fell in love with him
?One made out with the others mom! M&T
?You adoptive dad's brother
?also Caroline's mom
?Jeremy shows this at the end of season one
?It becomes the reason Jeremy knows so much
?Talking to Damon
?the girl he wants so bad
?Also Isobels ex-husband

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