Amendments of the U.S. Constitution

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Can you name the Amendments to the Constitution?

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DescriptionAmendment Number
Right to Trial for Suits of $20 or more
Poll Taxes
Free Speech
States' Rights
Due Process of Law
Right to Bear Arms
Vice Presidential candidate on same ballot as Presidential candidate
Abolishes slavery and Involuntary Servitude
Women's Suffrage
Defines Citizenship
Direct Election of Senators
Repeals Prohibition
Quartering of Soldiers
DescriptionAmendment Number
Sets Voting Age to 18
Allows Income Tax
Presidential Succession
Congress voting for their Raises
Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Search and Seizure, Warrants
Quick and Speedy Trial
Sovereign Immunity
Enumerated Rights
Limits President to Two Terms
'Lame Duck'
Washington DC gets Representation in the Electoral College

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