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DescriptionEnglish WordA little more
One of the seven centers of spiritual energy in the human body according to yoga philosophyDont let these go out of alignment!
A teacher and a guide in spiritual and philosophical matters, A mentorSwami Vivekanand
An overwhelming, advancing force that crushes or seem to crush everything in its pathComes from the word Jagannath
A transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire nor sense of self, and the subject feels intense pleasureAttainted by Gautam Buddha
A learned person. A leader of prayer in Hindu worshipTypically belonging to the brahmin caste
A religious symbol representing noble qualities and good luckAssociation and display of this symbol is no longer tolerated
Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which includes breath control, simple meditation and the adoption of specific body postures widely practiced for relaxationThe west is catching on!
A sturdy brown to light yellowish brown pantWorn by Indian Policemen, Explorers
A liquid preparation containing soap for washing of hairFrom the hindi word 'campoo'
A heavily spiced sauce or stew made with a variety of spices and meats/vegetablesButter Chicken
A swift, long-legged wild cat of Africa and Southwest Asia, having a black-spotted fur coatFast
Carnivorous mammal having a long slender body with a long tail. noted for the ability to seize and kill venomous snakesRikki-Tikki-Tavi
A small house or cottage usually having a single storyMiddle class homes
A market consisting of a street lined with shops and stalls Exist all over Middle East and South Asia
A boat with two parallel hulls or floatsComes from the tamil words 'kattu' and 'maram'
DescriptionEnglish WordA little more
A tropical plant, which was cultivated as a source of dark blue dyeJust like the country
A game resembling hockey, played on horse back with a long handled club and a wooden ballCollared Shirts
A stronger or different form of a deity or personFamous movie and cartoon
The enlightened oneObtained elightenment under the Bodhi Tree
A lush and dense lowland forestMowgli and Shere Khan
A paste of various wet and dry ingredients usually used as an accompaniment to a dishCocunut and peanuts are tasty is this form
A small letter or noteEagerly Awaited
To robFrom the Sanskrit word 'lut'
A type of prayer to be repeatedly uttered, and idealogy meant to be follow rigorouslySuccess is close when you have this on hand
A type of clothing usually worn at nightSoft and comfy
A large southeast asian island cityThe city of lions or 'simha-pura'
A social outcastUntouchables of early Indian society
A type of large open balcony, usually attached to a houseLook at that view
A piece of fabric worn by women over the shoulders or head or wrapped around a baby.Cashmere
A cyclonic storm, coming in from the oceanHaiyan

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