French Vocab Review Chapter 7 - Driving

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Can you name the French vocab review words from Chapter 7?

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English WordFrench Word
a French brand
a driver's license
a driver
to check the pressure
a spare tire
to park
to slow down
to stop (oneself)
a gas station
a tire
a car
to blink
a gas station attendant
to pass
a key
to break down (in a car)
the trunk
to brake
an arrow
a toll
a road sign
a driving lesson
a blinker/turn signal
to start a car
English WordFrench Word
to run a red light
to check the oil
the speed limit
to turn left
a convertible
a flat tire
a road map
a traffic ticket
to turn right
some gas
a truck
to accelerate
to wipe the windshield
to forget
a traffic jam
to remember
a station wagon
a helmet
to go straight ahead
the tank
to drive
to fill the tank

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