French Vocab Chapter 9 - The Hotel

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Can you name the French vocab words from Chapter 9?

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Chapter 10:
English wordFrench word
a single room
a closet
the expenses
of the world
to pay a deposit
to unpack
to wish
to go up
to get oneself wet
to pay cash
the receptionist
to go down
the cashier
the hall
a hotel
to vacate
a stay
a washcloth glove
a bed sheet
an elevator
to reserve a room
to dry oneself
a towel
English wordFrench word
a suitcase
a roll of toilet paper
a room with a bathroom
the air conditioning
a pillow
some soap
a staircase
a hanger
to lock the door
the bill
a credit card
a luggage
a key
a blanket
a door
a police record sheet
the reception
a hotel maid

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