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MythologyGod or GoddessDetails
Hindulove, carnal desire, lust, passion
Romanlove, beauty and fertility
Hawaiianfertility, agriculture, rainfall, and music
Yorubalove, intimacy, beauty, wealth and diplomacy
Chinesebinds two people together
Babylonianfertility, love, war, and sex
Sumeriansexual love, fertility, and warfare
Greeklove, lust and beauty
Irishlove, summer, wealth and sovereignty
MythologyGod or GoddessDetails
Egyptianfelines, love, sexuality, protection, beauty, and dance
Norselove, beauty, fertility, war, and death
Hindulove, desire
Aztecfertility, beauty, and female sexual power
Egyptiansky, love, beauty, and music
Mediterraneansexual love, fertility, and warfare
Romandesire, affection and erotic love
Greeksexual love and beauty

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