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Can you name the answers to the questions about the office pilot episode?

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What song is Dwight singing as he changes the phone receiver?
What does Jim put in jello at the end of the episode?
Who calls during Michael's meeting with Jan?
What is Pam's favorite yogurt flavor?
'You should've put him in custard-y.' this is _____
What is the 'special filing cabinet' for things from corporate?
'You're a gentleman and a scholar. Oh, I'm sorry. Okay, I'm sorry. My mistake. *hangs up* That was a ________ I was talking to'.
How does Michael make Pam cry?
Who does Michael impersonate when Ryan comes to the office?
What prank does Jim pull on Dwight?
'Wassssuppp' is Michael to _____
What type of party was Angela having
Who are Michael's four heroes in order?
What does Michael's mug say?
How long has Michael been at Dunder Mifflin for in this episode
What is Michael's boss' full name?
What big news does Jan tell Michael about during their meeting?
How much does Michael say would be a suitable salary for him?
What does Packer refer to Jan as?
How long has Pam been engaged?

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