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Holidays in the early 19th centuary usually lasted? a) a few days b) a few weeks
Holidays in the early 19th centuary were generally to what type of towns?
Holidays in the 1950s - 70s generally lasted more/less time than before?
What was the most popular destination of the time?(country)
Holidays have became more popular because: people have more _______ time
the amount of _____ people are paid has increased
methods of ad_______ have improved
travel has become_____
lives are becoming more ______ so people need a break from this
booking with a travel agent means you can be ____ your holiday is booked
booking with a travel agent avoids information _____
travel agents give you per___ advice
Travel agents may be b___ and try to sell you dearest holidays
travel agents are ___ consuming
travel agents have a lack of pr___
booking online is q___ and con_______
It is easy to ___ and start bookings online
online sites may be a s_____ and there may be a double ___
you can get too ______ info booking online sometimes
jamaica is a ________ holiday destination
newquay has specialised in ______
it has in____ facilities traning s____ and a large ___
Also in newquay is the ____ project a large ___ street fishing ___ and golf _____
the london 2012 olympics will be held in which part of london?
the area was choosen because it has ______ land has been left ______ from industrial past has ____ housing, jobs and facilities
the are will provide _________ houses/jobs (number)
A permant thames ____ way will be created
many residents and businesses have been re____
Electricity plyons will be moved _________ to save the landscape
kenya has many ____ parks
people visit kenya for a c_____ holiday and ______ experience
human kenya includes national m______ , beach _____, b_____ safaris
the best month to visit kenya is ________
the countrys e______ can be improved as a result of tourism
transport f____ can be improved
more ___ will be provided by tourism
____ investment can be encouraged
c____ can be preserved
destinations start off as normal towns/ villages mainly r______
people are attracted to the q____ carm nature and land____ of the area
the area gets o_____
crime _____ increase and there is more litter the area goes into
the area is then __________ or declines futher
jobs in the tourist industry are often low _____ and or _____
cultures can ____ or offend each other
footpaths can be ____
bio_______ could decrease
noise_____ could occur
washing towels can mean detergents leak and ______ water supplies this can cause d_______
transport can add to global ______
there may be a ____ of basic services for residents
Capital of culture improves a citys e____ creates____ and is awarded to a city with cultural and musical _____ than is in need of red_______
Liverpool celebrated capital of culture with a european _____ __________ a large _____ liverpool o__ and liverpool e__

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