U.S. presidents by Mother

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MotherPresidentPolitical Party
Martha BallNone
Susanna BoylstonFederalist
Jane RandolphDemocratic-Republican
Nelly ConwayDemocratic-Republican
Elizabeth JonesDemocratic-Republican
Abigail SmithDemocratic-Republican
Elizabeth HutchinsonDemocratic
Maria HoesDemocratic
Elizabeth BassettWhig
Mary ArmisteadWhig
Jane KnoxDemocratic
Sarah StrotherWhig
Phoebe MillardWhig
Anna KendrickDemocratic
Elizabeth SpeerDemocratic
Nancy HanksRepublican
Mary McDonoughNational Union (Democratic)
Hannah SimpsonRepublican
Sophia BirchardRepublican
Eliza BallouRepublican
Malvina StoneRepublican
Ann NealDemocratic
MotherPresidentPolitical Party
Elizabeth Ramsey IrwinRepublican
Nancy AllisonRepublican
Marth BullochRepublican
Louisa TorreyRepublican
Jessie Janet WoodrowDemocratic
Phoebe Elizabeth DickersonRepublican
Victoria Josephine MoorRepublican
Hulda MinthornRepublican
Sara DelanoDemocratic
Martha Ellen YoungDemocratic
Ida Elizabeth StoverRepublican
Rose FitzgeraldDemocratic
Rebekah BainesDemocratic
Hannah MilhousRepublican
Dorothy Ayer GardnerRepublican
Lillian GordyDemocratic
Nelle WilsonRepublican
Dorothy WalkerRepublican
Virginia CassidyDemocratic
Barbara PierceRepublican
Stanley Ann DunhamDemocratic

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