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Can you name the Jasper Fforde Characters from the Thursday Next series?

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Thursday's Mother
Thursday's Brother
Thursday's Brother
Thursday's Dodo
Thursday's Dodo's Son
Thursday's Husband
Thursday's Daughter
Thursday's Son
Thursday's eccentric inventor uncle
Thursday's aunt
Member of the Hades family; main villain in The Eyre Affair
Member of the Hades family; enjoys pranks, rather than commiting serious crimes
Member of the Hades family; a mnemonomorph
Member of the Hades family; 'white sheep' of the family
Member of the Hades family
Member of the Hades family
Head of SO-27 in Swindon
Thursday's partner at SO-27 in Swindon
Head of Goliath Corporation's Advanced Weapons Division
SO-17 operative; deals with undead paranormals
Uber-Librarian of the Great Library
Trashy romance novelist
Thursday's teacher at JurisFiction
Fictional character; uses the Ovinator to rise to political power in the real world
Head of SO-13; a Neanderthal
Main character of 1920s adventure series for boys; a JurisFiction agent
Wife of above JurisFiction agent; a gorilla and babysitter for Thursday
A Book World murderer, travels under the alias of Norman Johnson
Main character of Caversham Heights; has own series by Fforde
JurisFiction agent; does JurisFiction laundry; a hedgehog
Ruthless tyrant from a Sci-Fi series in which he is Emperor of the Universe; also a JurisFiction agent

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