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US military presence in Bahrain
Head of Egyptian military junta
Opposition in exile from Syria
Syrian fashionista
former leader of Libya
Author of What We Talk About When We Talk About Democracy Assistance
former president of Yemen
victor of the first Tunisian election
former president of Egypt
President of Syria
Majority party in the Egyptian parliament
interim government of Libya
Shia insurgency group in Yemen
current president of Yemen
Salafi Egyptian political party
Tunisian street vendor
Yemeni democratic protesters mainly located in Sana
former dictator of Tunisia
Author of Aiding Democracy Abroad: The Learning Curve
Ruling family in Bahrain
Ruling minority sect in Syria
Separatist eastern province of Libya
Military leaders of Egypt
Military opposition in Syria
Obama's strategy in Libya
Beginning of protests in Bahrain
Author of Democracy Assistance: International Co-operation for Democratization
Main opposition group in Bahrain

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