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DescriptionHardware Component
An input device that digitizes images (like pictures)
Permanent data storage
An output device that shows an electronic visual display with textual and graphical information from the computer
A non-volatile memory data storage that uses magnetic disks to store/save data
An acoustic sensor that provides input by converting sound into electrical signals
A form of short-term data storage that is erased after the computer is shut off
An output device that produces a permanent human-readable text of graphic document
A device that MODulates an analog carrier signal to encode digital information, and also DEModulates a signal
A device that uses a laser to read/write information to a disk drive
A cooling device so that other components don't overheat
An input device which inputs real-time images into the computer
DescriptionHardware Component
An input device that allows the computer to output graphics to video devices (i.e. monitor)
Performs most of the calculations which enables a computer to function
A large rectangular board with integrated circuitry that connects the rest of the parts of the computer
A component that can be inserted into an expansion slot on the motherboard to add functionality to the computer
A pointing input device that detects two dimensional motion and allows a user to interact with the computer
An input device that allows a user to input text and characters into the computer
An external device that protects the internal hardware components
An output device that converts electrical signals into sound
A device that allows a computer to connect and interact with a network.
A device that converts electrical power to low voltage power used by internal hardware components
An input device that allows the computer to output sound to audio devices (i.e. speakers) as well as accept input from microphones

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