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AHead of the Volturi
BGame played by the Cullens and Bella in Twilight
CCullen Father
DBreaking ______
EBella's human friend
FPlace where Bella lives
GAmerican Nomadic Vampire that becomes Kate's mate
HJasper and Rosalie's surname
ICountry where the Volturi live
JMain Werewolf
KFirst name of the actress that plays Bella
LBeach near where Jacob lives
MAnother one of Bella's human friends
NSecond book in the Twilight Saga
OCoven the Cullens belong to
PRenee's husband
QOne of the werewolves
RBella and Edward's daughter
SAuthor of the Twilight Saga
TBoy who nearly ran Bella over with his truck
USam's surname
VCity where the Volturi live
WJasper's human surname
XFirst name of the actor who plays Riley
YColour of the Porsche Alice steals
ZVampire from the Amazon Coven

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