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A figure of speech in which a thing, an animal, or an abstract term is endowed with human characteristics
A metrical foot in which a stressed syllable is followed by an unstressed syllable
A verse meter consisting of five metrical feet, or five primary stresses, per line
Describes poetry that organizes its lines without meter
Also called hyperbole, exaggeration used to empasize a point
The unit of measurement in metrical poetry
An ironic figure of speech that deliberately describes something in a way that is less than the true case.
The repetition of two or more vowel sounds in successive words, which creates a kind of rhyme
The most common and well-known meter of unrhymed poetry
A song that tells a story
'Little Song', A traditional and widely used verse form, especially popular for love poetry- 14 lines
A brief reference in a text to a person, place, or thing- fictitous or actual
Any recurrent pattern or fhyme within an individual poem or fixed form
A recurrent, regular, rhythmic pattern in verse
A short poem expressing the thoughts and feelings of a single speaker
The repetition of two or more consonant sounds in successive words in a line or verse or prose
A metrical foot in verse in which an unaccented syllable is followed by an accented one
A two-line stanza in poetry, usually rhymed, which tends to have lines of equal length

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