History / Mid-Tudor Crisis Key Events

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Can you name the Mid-Tudor Crisis Key Events?

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Forced Order
Name the Year
First Marian Burning
2nd Book of Common Prayer
The 10 Articles
Dissolution of the Smaller Monasteries
Anne Askew Executed
1st Marian Act of Repeal
Reginald Pole returns
The worst harvest of the period
Pilgrimage of Grace begins
2nd Marian Act of Repeal
Elizabethan Settlement
Name the Year
Somerset's Vagrancy Act
Kett's Rebellion
Lady Jane Grey Plot
1st Act of Edwardian Uniformity
Cromwell Executed
Rebellion of the Northern Earls
1st Book of Common Prayer
Wyatt's Rebellion
Act of the 6 Articles
2nd Act of Edwardian Uniformity

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