Key dates in Transformation of Surgery 1845-1918

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Wilhelm Roentgen discovered x rays
Lister became Professor of Surgery at King's College Hospital, London
Koch identified bacterium that caused blood poisoning
John Snow developed a Chlorofrom regulator
Cocaine is used as a local Anaesthetic
Simpson used Chloroform for the fisrt time
Liston used Ether during amputation in Britain
Alexander Wood invented the Hypodermic Needle
Richard Lewisohn found that adding Sodium Citrate prevented blood clotting
Lister's wards were 'sepsis free for nine months'
Queen Victoria received Chloroform during childbirth
Novocaine used as an Anaesthetic
Pasteur's Germ Theory
Landsteiner identified blood groups
Blood depot established prior to the Battle of Cambrai
Gilles set up a plastic surgery unit at Aldershot
Ignaz Semmelweiss showed concerns about medical students not washing their hands after leaving the morgue
Morton used Ether to anaesthetise a patient in the USA
Lister used Carbolic Acid to treat a broken leg
Koch developed the steam steriliser
Hannah Greener died while receiving Chloroform
Marie Curie developed 'little curie' - portable x ray
Rous and Turner developed a way of storing blood

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