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E1923 – While France had occupied the Ruhr (Grrr!) the German workers went on strike1923 – While France had occupied the Ruhr (Grrr!) the German workers went on strike. The government printed money to pay the strikers – causing hyperinflation. Stresemann ended the passive resistance (strike) so that Germany would stop printing money
RNov 1923 – Stresemann introduced a new currency called the rentenmark to replace the mark. Hyperinflation was brought under control by the new temporary currency
D1924 – Borrowed money from USA to reduce reparations. Germany was able to invest more money into increasing jobs i.e by building factories
L1925 – Germany signed the Locarno Treaties. France, Britain and Belgium all agreed not to invade Germany. Support began to move away from extremist groups
L1926 - Germany was allowed to join the League of Nations. Now Germany was accepted as an important power in Europe once more
Y1929 – The Young Plan further reduced reparation payments. Unemployment fell even more. 3 million homes were built.

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