Name the Third Member 2

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Can you name the missing member of each these well known trios?

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Two MembersThird MemberGroup
Verbal, Situational
Bronze, Silver
Life, Pursuit of Happiness
Neutrons, Electrons
Barry, Maurice
Liabilities, Owner's Equity
King, Queen
Red, Yellow
Porthos, Aramis
Ed, Edd
Chico, Groucho
Wei, Shu
Dharma, Sangha
Past, Present
Epidermis, Dermis
Two MembersThird MemberGroup
Alan, Jake
Zeus, Hades
Moe, Curly
Blossom, Buttercup
Paper, Scissors
Legislative, Judicial
Mathematics, Writing
Skeletal, Cardiac
Spoon, Fork
Conduction, Convection
Huey, Louie
Hop, Jump
Straw, Sticks
Stop, Roll
Avada Kedavra, Crucio

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