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The refugee's poor grasp of English is hardly an _____ problem; she can attend classes and improve within a matter of months.•implausible
A businessman must widen his horizons; a ____ attitude will get you nowhere in this age of global communications.•moderate
The ____ weather forced us to stay indoors.•enticing
The model paraded in front of the celebrities with ____ ; it was impossible to tell that this was her first assignment.•panache
The term lead pencil is a ____ ; pencils are filled with graphite not lead.•misnomer
The pond was a place of reek and corruption, of ____ smells and of oxygen-starved fish breathing through laboring gills.•fragrant
Hawkins is ____ in his field; no other contemporary scientist commands the same respect.•disparaged
Plastic bags are ____ symbols of consumer society; they are found wherever you travel.•ephemeral
The crew of the air balloon ____ the sand bags to help the balloon rise over the hill.•capsized
Scrooge, in the famous novel by Dickens, was a ____ ; he hated the rest of mankind.•misanthrope

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