Scrambled '24' Characters

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Can you name the '24' characters when their names are scrambled?

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Scrambled CharacterUnscrambled Character
oytn iamaled
wynea lemrap
blil nubhncaa
rtiscu mngnain
nllsaoi rltyao
neeer eklrwa
clhoe ioranb
hicelelm dsesrle
ornaa iperec
raged istlse
ackj reuab
nain merys
Scrambled CharacterUnscrambled Character
geegro nmaos
ietr auebr
iekm ivknco
coel toriz
aueydr naries
selrahc olgan
idvad leapmr
rainb stinghsa
ryna leaphlcep
tciorv zedrna
aekt wanrer
ikm eruab

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