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Can you name the words, things, phrases, or people that begin with 'Hu'?

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Science fiction novel written by Suzanne Collins
Hunter in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Surname of Kurt and Burt in Glee
Extremely large or enormous
Upright frame that track runners jump over
1964 Heisman Trophy winner John
Puritan who developed religious freedom Anne
Composer best known for Hänsel und Gretel
Character on Lost played by Jorge Garcia
Move or act with haste; rush
Cartoon mouse accompanied by Bertie
Excessive pride or self-confidence
Founded the Church of Scientology, L. Ron
Actor played in The Big Lebowski; David William
A commotion or a fuss
Slogan: A whole new kinda bubble!
One of the five Great Lakes of North America
One of the four houses of Hogwarts
Shout used to express approval or delight
A feeling or guess based on intuition
Lacking variety, boring, or dull
1990 film based on the novel by Tom Clancy
38th Vice President of the United States
Feeling or displaying the need for food
Enterprising person determined to succeed
5th President of Iraq Saddam
Bone in the arm of humans
Lawyer in The Simpsons Lionel

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