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Can you name the words, things, phrases, or people that begin with 'Hu'?

Updated Feb 28, 2013

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English sea explorer and navigator Henry
Brand of trucks and SUVs by GM
The smallest extant bird species
A landlocked country in Central Europe
French Calvinists during the 16th century
To be quiet or a supervillain in DC comics
Known taxonomically as Homo sapiens
Is a species of baleen whale
Big, green superhero or wrestler Hogan
Blow out loudly or what the Big Bad Wolf will do
2010 Best Picture Oscar Winner
Ebenezer Scrooge phrase, 'Bah! _____!'
Harlem Renaissance poet Langston
Watertight body of a ship or boat
Cooked, mashed chickpeas
Website that streams T.V. shows, movies, etc.
It provokes laughter and provides amusement
A province in China that borders Hubei
Hoop that is spun using the hip
Term for the amount of water vapor in air
The Cosby Show family
To make someone feel ashamed and foolish
Plant in the family Ericaceae or character Finn
Sled dogs or University of Connecticut mascot
When a team gathers together
A male participant in a marriage
Space telescope that was carried into orbit in 1990
A tropical cyclone
Nicknamed 'The Kingfish' Long
1996 animated Disney movie and Hugo novel
This many pennies equals one dollar
Word expressing doubt or confusion

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