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Trypanosoma brucei gambiense is from what area of Africa?-
Chagas Disease is also known as-
The vector of Chagas Disease is-
and this might be found in which two places around the world:Type both answers separated by a space.
Why is there no vaccine available for Trypanosoma parasites?-
How would you diagnose Typanosomas3 Possibilities
True or False: Leishmania is found worldwide?-
What is the vector for Leishmania?-
The toxic drugs used to treat leishmania are compounds of what?-
How would you demonstrate the parasite?3 Possibilities
Giardiasis is worldwide. What percent of cases are in developing countries?-
Where does the giardia parasite attach?-
Describe the type of diarrhoea you would get if you had symptomatic giardia?-
Giardia lamblia or intestinalis is spread by: waterbourne,food-bourne outbreaks and _______-
To diagnose giardia you would perform a faecal smear, what would you be looking for?-
Where is Trichomonas vaginalis most prevalent?-
What treatment would you give to someone with Trichomonas vaginalis?-
Entamoeba histolytica causes ______ destruction due to the products secreted by the parasite.-
Describe the type of diarrhoea for the above.-
How is the Crytosporidium parasite obtained?-
True or False: An immunocompetent host of Crytosporidium will have serious, persistant diarrhoea.-
An immunosuppressed host of Crytosporidium would require a) drug treatment or b) no treatment.-
What is the definitive host of Toxoplasma gondii?-
Humans are the ______ host of Toxoplasma gondii.-
A non-immune host of Toxoplasma gondii will have an _______-like disease, but not everyone will develop symptoms.-
In an immune host (for Toxoplasma gondii) Extracellular parasites are _______ while Intracellular parasites are ________Type both answers separated by a space.
Name a way of Toxoplasma gondii transmission-
How would you diagnose Toxoplasma gondii?2 Possibilities
What is the name of disease for Wuchereria bancrofti?-
Where in the world is the highest prevalence of Wuchereria bancrofti?-
What is the intermediate host for the above?-
How would you diagnose Wuchereria bancrofti?-
What is the treatment for the above?-
How does this treatment work?-
What are the symptoms of the above with Microfilarae?-
What are the symptoms of the above with adults in lymphatics?-
Dracunculus medinensis is responsible for which worm?-
Which country has the highest prevalence?-
What is the definitive host, and what is the intermediate host?Type both answers separated by space.
What forms where the female releases its larvae? This can lead to _____ infections?Type both answers separated by space.
How could you prevent Dracunculus medinensis transmission?-
Humans are a hopeful ____-____ host of Trichinella spiralis.-
How is Trichnella spiralis acquired?Lots of choices.
How could you diagnose Trichnella sprialis?-
What is a symptom of Trichnella spiralis 1-2 days after ingestion?-
What is a symptom of Trichnella spiralis ~1week post ingestion?-
Enterobius vermicularis is known as either _______ or ________Only one answer needed.
It is a __________'s Group Disease-
A Symptom of Enterobius vermicularis are-
What drug is used to treat the above?-
What test is performed to pick up adults and eggs of Enterobius vermicularis?-
What is an early sign of Ascaris lumbricoides?-
What is a late sign of Ascaris lumbricoides, other than diarrhoea and vomiting-
The eggs of Ascaris lumbricoides have _____ _____-
One way of preventing Ascaris lumbricoides is-
The Genus and species for traditional tapeworm is-
What is the intermediate host for tapeworm?-
True or False: The tail of the tapeworm is smaller than the head.-
Which drug is used to treat tapeworm?-
What are the segments of tapeworm called?-
Is Pediculus humanus is an a) ectoparasite or b) endoparasite-
How is Pediculus humanus treated?-
Is Sarcoptes scabiei an endoparasite or an ectoparasite? -
After sensitization of Sarcoptes scabei what develops?-
How is Sarcoptes scabiei demonstrated?-
What is the genus of P. ovale?-
The fever of P. vivax/ovale has a peak temperature every how many hours?-
A complicated symptoms of Plasmodium spp. is -
What two populations have the greatest risk of getting Malaria?Type in 2 answers separated by a space.
A previous treatment drug to Malaria is-
This chinese medicine is used to help reduce fevers-
This drug is effective against all stages of the malaria parasite-
What is the definitive host of Malaria?-
Which species of Plasmodium is the least common?-
For P. Falciparum what shape are the gametocytes?-
What drug is given to travelers to prevent malaria?-
How many vaccinations are currently in development for Malaria?-
What do all species of Plasmodium release?-
Are more people infected with hyperendemic or hypoendemic malaria?-
What percent of the world are at risk to Malaria?-
In which two continents is Schistosoma spp. most prevalent?Type in 2 answers separated by a space.
What is the intermediate host of Schistosoma spp?-
What is the species of Schistosoma that has a ciliated spike on it?-
What is the name given to the larval stage fluke?-
What is the result of chronic Schistosoma?-
What type of smear would you perform to diagnose Schistosoma mansoni?-
What would you be looking for in the above smear?-
How many vaccines are currently available for Schistosoma?-
Give an example of a control measure for Schistosoma.-
what causes liver fibrosis-
'Pipe-stem' fibrosis is responsible for portal _______ or portal _______Type in 2 answers separated by a space.
How long may the intermediate symptoms of Schistosoma mansoni last?Type in how many months.
What is the current treatment for Schistosoma mansoni?-
What organ in the body does the mid-early symptom stage usually infect?-
Where do the eggs of Schistosoma hatch?-
What can grow to an abnormal size due to Schistosoma mansoni?-
Which of the following is not an arthropod? Sarcoptes scabei, Wuchereria bancrof or Pediculus humanusti-
How many nuclei are there in a giardia trophozoite?-
In which year was Dracunculus medinensis targeted to be eliminated by, by the WHO?-
What are the shape of Enterobius vermicularis eggs?-

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