TV Anagrams #10 Executive Producer

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Can you name the the executive producer and his shows by unscrambling the letters?

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1. [Film Jam Only] 'Late Night with _____' after Letterman 2009 - for more help type: hint1
2. [Atonal Drip]In it Fred Armisen puts a bird on it - for more help type: hint2
3. [Born In Canoe]'Late Night with _____' after Letterman 1993 - for more help type: hint3
4. The [Acronym Warthogs]2003 sitcom whose star is now on '30 Rock' - for more help type: hint4
5. The [Thin Heads Kill]1988 sketch comedy show full of Canadians - for more help type: hint5
6. [Smellier Nacho]The man who was executive producer of these shows - for more help type: hint6

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