TV Anagrams #2 Full Circle

Random Television or Star Trek Quiz

Can you name the 5 scrambled-letter clues that complete the circle?

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#1 [Deny Monorail]He played Spock - for more help type: hint1
#2 [Sissies Mop In Limbo]#1 also played a character named Paris on this show - for more help type: hint2
#3 [Sage Pervert]In #2 the actor who starred played Jim Phelps - for more help type: hint3
#4 [The Fib]#3 appeared in what 1967 Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. series - for more help type: hint4
#5 [Animal Whistler]#4 also provided a role for the actor who frequently costarred with #1 - for more help type: hint5

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