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Can you name the Touhou Characters - Hard Mode?

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Game/Manga/CD DebutNameRow, Column
Ghostly Field Club1,1
Mystic Square1,2
Silent Sinner in Blue1,3
Lotus Land Story1,4
The Highly Responsive to Prayers1,5
The Story of Eastern Wonderland2,1
Phantasmagoria of Dimension Dream2,2
Mystic Square2,3
Phantasmagoria of Flower View2,4
Mystic Square2,5
Mystic Square3,1
Phantasmagoria of Dimension Dream3,2
Curiosities of Lotus Asia3,3
Game/Manga/CD DebutNameRow, Column
Phantasmagoria of Dimension Dream3,4
Phantasmagoria of Dimension Dream3,5
The Highly Responsive to Prayers4,1
Lotus Land Story4,2
The Highly Responsive to Prayers4,3
The Highly Responsive to Prayers4,4
Eastern and Little Nature Deity4,5
Mountain of Faith5,1
Phantasmagoria of Dimension Dream5,2
Lotus Land Story5,3
Perfect Memento in Strict Sense5,4
Lotus Land Story5,5

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