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Description of moveTechnical nameExtra information
Beater strikes bludger with backhand swing, sending it backwards.
Both beaters hit bludger at the same time for extra power
Keeper swerves around all 3 hoops at top speed to block the quaffle
Chasers form an intimidating arrowhead pattern and fly together towards the hoops
2 Chasers close in on opposing chaser on either side whilst the 3rd flies headlong towards him or her
Seeker scoops snitch up sleeve
Chaser carrying quaffle flies upwards to make other team believe they are trying to escape them to score. They then throw it down to a fellow chaser waiting to catch it
Description of moveTechnical nameExtra information
Chaser throws quaffle over their shoulder to team member
Hanging upside down from broom, gripping tightly with hands and feet.
Keeper holds broom horizontally, keeping one hand and foot curled around handle to block hoops
Fake punch aimed at nose. Legal as long as no contact is made
High speed zig-zag movement intended to throw off opposing chasers
Seeker hurtles to the ground, intended to make the other seeker think he has seen the snitch, and copy. Seeker pulls out of dive at last minute, hoping the copying seeker will cras

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