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A consultant teaches the staff about tolerance, but Michael tries to take over the seminar ultimately hosting his own.1
Michael burns his foot on a Foreman grill causing him to require assistance from the entire office.2
Michael hosts his annual awards ceremony for his office workers.2
Michael creates a Survivor-like competition at Lake Scranton in order to choose his replacement as Regional Manager.3
Amidst Oscar's welcome back party, Michael realizes he made a mistake in forcing Dwight to resign and brings him back to the office. 3
Stanley snaps at Michael during a meeting causing Michael anguish over how to handle the situation.4
Michael hits Meredith with his car and organizes a fundraiser for rabies to assuage his guilt.4
After finding out that Angela is seeing them both, Andy and Dwight deal with the problem.5
Michael creates a coffee dance party in his old Michael Scott Paper Company office and is thrilled when the whole office joins in.5
The office buzzes with rumors about all of the employees. Most are false and were started by Michael.6

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