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Black KnightsZero
Black KnightsWitch
Black KnightsKnight of Zero
Black KnightsQ-1
Black KnightsVincent's pilot
Black KnightsPrime Minister of the United States of Japan
Black KnightsInternal Cleaning Supporter
Black KnightsDeveloper of the Guren
Black KnightsMedia Manager
Britannia98th Emperor of Britannia
BritanniaGanymede's pilot
BritanniaGeass order
Britannia100th Emperor of Britannia
BritanniaWhite Prince
BritanniaThe Witch of Britannia
BritanniaMassacre Princess
BritanniaThird Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire
BritanniaGym Teacher
BritanniaSchneizel's assistant
BritanniaViceroy Advisor
Knights of RoundKnight of One
Knights of RoundKnight of Three
Knights of RoundKnight of Four
Knights of RoundKnight of Six
Knights of RoundKnight of Ten
Knights of RoundKnight of Twelve
Glaston KnightsLeader of the Glaston Knights
Glaston KnightsPersonal Knight of Second Princess
CamelotEarl Pudding
CamelotOnly woman in Camelot
AshfordPresident of the Student Council
AshfordStudent Council
AshfordStudent Council
AshfordF.L.E.I.J.A.'s creator
KyotoPrincess of Kyoto
KyotoLeader of the Kyoto House
Four Holy SwordsLeader of the Four Holy Swords
Four Holy SwordsMember of Four Holy Swords
Four Holy SwordsMember of Four Holy Swords
Four Holy SwordsMember of Four Holy Swords
Four Holy SwordsMember of Four Holy Swords
Chinese FederationPuppet Princess
Chinese FederationLeader of the Chinese Federation
Euro UniverseAlexander's pilot
Euro UniverseWyvern's pilot
Euro UniverseAlexander Type-02's pilot
Euro UniverseDeveloper of Alexander
UnknownGeass user

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