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God TypesGod Names
Evening God, Self-Created God
Wind, Air, Breath, Soul God
Goddess of Counting, Libraries and Record Keeping
God of Magic, Writing and the Moon
Moist Air Goddess
Potter God
Goddess of Scorpions, Protection
Set of 8 Gods/Goddesses from Hermopolis
Theban War God
Creation God of Memphis
Sun Ray Goddess
Goddess of Healing, Cows, and Nursing
God of Fertility and Agriculture
Goddess of Protection, Mourning, and Barrenness
Canopic Set of 4 Gods
God of the Moon, Violence, and Healing
God of the Nile River Flood
Sky Goddess
Earth God
Canopic Set of 4 Gods:
God TypesGod Names
God of Dwarves, Commoners and Birthing Women
Dangerous Lion Goddess
Goddess of Protection, Mourning, and Fertility
Goddess of Balance, Cosmic Order and Harmony
God of the Living King, of Upper and Lower Egypt
Single God of the Sun, Alone
Canopic Set of 4 Gods
Sun Disk God
Morning God, Emerges Daily
Goddess of Fertile Waters, Protection
Cemetary God of Memphis
Set of 9 Gods/Goddesses from Heliopolis
Goddess of Cats, Erotic Love and Magic
The Great Flood Goddess
Crocodile God of the Faiyum
God of the Dead King, Agriculture, and Bulls
God of Chaos, Disorder, Confusion, Male Sexuality
King of Kings, King of the Gods, Hidden
Moon God of Measurements and Healing
Canopic Set of 4 Gods

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