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Can you name the all the details from the most famoust mass murderer?

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What was the budget for the original Halloween?
Who plays Michael Myers in the original movie?
When Carpenter refused to be involved with the series, who directed halloween 4?
How many Halloween films are there including the remakes?
What film does Laurie Strode die?
How many were killed in Halloween Curse of Michael Myers?
What is Michael's weapon of choice?
Who composed the infamous Halloween theme song?
Who wrote and directed the remakes of Halloween 1 and 2?
What name was on the tombstone placed in the bed from the first movie?
What was Michael's older sister's name?
How many were killed in Halloween 5?
What movie was the inspiration for halloween?
How many were killed in Halloween 4?
Name all of the films
What is the name of Michael's Doctor?
What else is myers often called by characters of the movies?
Who does Jamie stab at the end of Halloween 4?
Who directed Halloween 2?
Who plays dr. loomis before the remakes?
Where does Halloween rank in the box offices, among the American Horror Franchises?
How long was Michael in the Sanitarium?
What were the names of Laurie's friends from the original?
How many of the films is Laurie Strode in?
Which film is the only film not to have Myers in it?
How much did the original Halloween gross at the box office?
What is the only connection Halloween 3 has with the previous two?
Your Clue...Answer
What was the name of the SAnitarium?
Who did John Carpenter and Debra Hill sign their rights away to for Halloween?
What is the name of Laurie's daughter?
What was painted in blood on the school chalkboard in the second film?
What was the name of the girl the Annie and Laurie were babysitting?
What was the infamous mask sculpted from?
Who was the writer and director of the original Halloween?
When was Halloween 2 released?
How many were killed in Halloween Resurrection?
The name of Michaels's younger sister?
In what year did michael kill his older sister?
How many times did Loomis shoot Myers in the first movie?
What is the name of Jamie's sister?
What was supposedly Laurie's death in Halloween 4?
How many were killed in Halloween H20?
What film does Dr. Loomis die before the remake?
What was the name of the boy Laurie was babysitting in the origninal?
Where is Halloween set?
Which Halloween was the lowest grossing movie?
How many films was Carpenter directly involved with directing or writing?
While Laurie is in the closet what does she stab Michael with?
How many were killed in the original halloween 2?
What is the name of the sheriff from Halloween 1 and 2?
When was the original Halloween released?
What does Jamie stab her with?
How many were killed in the original Halloween?
What famous rap artist has played in an installment of Halloween?

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