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Joe Johnston2010
Jack Snyder2004
Andre de Toth1953
Gore Verbinski2002
Sean S. Cunningham1980
Christophe Gans2006
Tod Browning1931
Wes Craven1997
James Wan2004
Tommy Lee Wallace1982
Christian Alvart2009
Martin Scorsese1991
Steve Miner1981
James Whale1935
Dwight H. Little1988
Tom Holland1988
David Slade2007
Renny Harlin1988
Alfred Hitchcock1960
Ivan Reitman1984
Rick Rosenthal1982
Gregory Dark2006
John Carpenter2001
Tobe Hooper1974
Juan Carlos Fresnadillo2007
Rodman Flender1994
Darren Lynn Bousman2005
James Wong2000
William Friedkin1973
Tobe Hooper1986
Victor Salva2003
Takashi Shimizu2004
Rob Zombie2007
Peter Webber2007
Alexander Witt2004
Clive Barker1987
John Carl Buechler1988
Marcus Nispel2009
Paul Lynch1981
Joe Hoffman1984
Joel Schumacher2007
Stephen Hopkins1989
John Carpenter1982
Stanley Kubrick1980
Stephen Kay2005
James Whale1931
Wes Craven 1985
Ridley Scott1979
William Castle1960
William Brent Bell2006
Paul Goldman, Michael Rymer2002
Joel Schumacher1987
Wes Craven1984
Kevin Greutert2009
Daniel Attias1985
Tommy Lee Wallace1990
Wes Craven1972
Joe Alves1983
Fritz Kiersch1984
Rich Rosenthal2002
Stuart Rosenberg1979
Mikael Håfström2007
Joe Dante1984
Francis Ford Coppola1992
Dominique Othenin-Girard1989
Mary Lambert1989
Tony Randel1988
Jack Bender1991
David R. Ellis2009
David Hackl2008
Gary Sherman1988
Takashi Shimizu2006
John J. Lafia1990
Lewis Teague1983
John Badham1979
Jean Epstein1928
Darren Lynn Bousman2006
David R. Ellis2003
Tim Burton1999
Victor Salva2001
Danny Pang, Oxide Pang Chun2007
Andrew Douglas2005
Russell Mulcahy2007
Don Taylor1978
Steve Miner1998
George A. Romero1968
James Issac2002
Jack Arnold1954
Oren Peli2007
George A. Romero1985
Jack Sholder1985
Eli Roth2007
Steven Spielberg1975
David S. Goyer2009
Ivan Reitman1989
Darren Lynn Bousman2007
Frank Darabont2007
Jim Gillespie1997
Ishiro Honda1954
Jonathan Liebesman2003
Albert Lewin1945
John Carpenter1983
Ronny Yu2003
Wes Craven1996
Glen Morgan2006
John Carpenter1980
Rupert Wainwright2005
Steve Miner1982
Tom McLoughlin1986
Rob Zombie2009
M. Night Shyamalan2008
Rob Hedden1989
Jeannot Szwarc1978
Bernard Rose1992
John Polson2005
Wes Craven2000
George A. Romero1978
Joe Dante1990
Ronny Yu1998
Tobe Hooper1982
James Cameron1986
Hideo Nakata2005
Brian De Palma1976
Charles Guard2009
Mark Jones1993
Eli Roth2005
Rob Schmidt2003
Richard Donner1976
Robert Rodriguez1998
Wes Craven2005
John E. Dowdle, Drew Dowdle2008
Brain Gibson1986
Geoffrey Sax2005
James Wan2007
Paul W.S. Anderson2002
Mark L. Lester1984
Joe Chappelle1995
John Carpenter1978
Peter Cornwell2009
Dave Meyers2007
Matt Reeves2008
Wes Craven1977
Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez1999
Danny Steinmann1985
William Malone1999
Chuck Russell1987
John S. Robertson1920
James Wong2006

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