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Main Character who was left at the alter and is on a search for his future wife
Sex-craved, suit-wearing character who can't seem to settle down. Works at GNB
kindergarten teacher who can't stand the word 'moist'
Ex-lawyer of GNB who loves the environment and his wife
Often Drives the gang around
Left main character at the alter. Doctor
Recceptionist. Had obsession with main character
Canadian news reporter who was a teen pop star
Grown up voice of main character
Nick-named herself 'Buttercup'
Temporary co-worker of Robin who moved to Chicago
Ex-girlfriend/enemy of Ted who tried to save the arcadian
Ex-girlfriend of Ted that the gang hated
Barney's gay brother
Lily's ex-boyfriend who dreamed of becoming an umpire
Common bartender at McLarens pub
Waitress at McLarens pub
Ex-husband of Zoey who loves the sea
Friend of Ted's who likes Time Square
Barney's true father

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