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invito, invitare............ 1st person singular:I was inviting
2nd person singularyou were inviting
3rd person singularhe/she was in inviting
1st person pluralwe were inviting
2nd person plural you all were inviting
3rd person plural they were inviting
Faveo, favere............ 1st person singular:I was favoring
2nd person singularyou were favoring
3rd person singularhe/she was favoring
1st person pluralwe were favoring
2nd person pluralyou all were favoring
3rd person pluralthey were favoring
sum, esse................. 1st person singularI was
2nd person singularyou were
3rd person singularhe/she was
1st person plural we were
2nd person pluralyou all were
3rd person plural they were

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