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Leading member of the Triple Alliance
Received power after 1922 Bolshevik Revolution
Strait crucial to Triple Alliance strategy and Russian supply lines
New technology later outlawed by international treaties
Pandemic that killed 20 million World Wide
Inspired people to join war effort by demonizing the enemy
Acronym for causes of WWI
Germany attacks them, bringing Britain into war.
Unintended after effect of Treaty of Versaille
Moblized quicker than Germany expected
Battle that ended hopes for a quick German victory
His assassination caused Austria to declare war on Serbia
V.I. Lenins' political and economical inspiration
Event that caused the abdication of Tsar Nicholas
Payments of German war debt
Major Theme of Wilsons 14 Points
Major Reason US entered WWI that involved mexico
Concept of putting all reasources into war effort
Reason that Russians quit WWI
Date of end of WWI

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