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In the episode Boys and Girls, how many days had the warehouse department gone without having an accident?
What is Pam's favorite flavor of yogurt?
Who was Kevin's fiance?
What sushi bar do Michael, Jim, Andy, and Dwight go to?
According to Dwight, where is the safest place in a car?
During the Christmas Party Yankee Swap, who ends up with the tea pot?
What is Jim's nickname at the Stanford branch?
How many words per minute can Jim type?
What video game does the Stanton branch play to instill team building?
What is Erin's real name?
What is Creed always doing when we see him at his desk?
What is Holly's real full name?
What is the name of Kevin's band?
Oscar, Angela, and Phyllis have the same first name as the actors that play them. What other actor does?
Michael, Jim, Ryan, and Kelly are all originally from what state?
In the 2006 Dundie Awards, what award does Angela receive?
How many episodes are in season one?
How many bobbleheads does Dwight Schrute have on his desk?
How many words per minute can Pam type?
What two employees have their own webisodes that feature the song, 'Male Prima Donna'?
Ed Helms and Steve Carell were both cast members on what show?
Where did Steve Carell graduate from college?
Where does Jim propose to Pam?
What is Dwight's middle name?
In real life Carol, Michael's relator is his _______.
What is Michael's middle name?
To celebrate Phyllis' wedding shower, Michael hires two performers, a stripper and who else?
What is Andy's Call of Duty screen name?
Michael and what other employee graduated from the same high school?
What country's flag can be seen on Michael's desk?

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