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This singer was supposed to sing 'Happy Trails' at the end of the festival, but he declined the invitation
This band didn't perform because acts weren't being paid and the group didn't think the concert would be any different. One member performed with another group
This Canadian singer was dating a Woodstock performer at the time, but she turned down an invitation to perform. She wrote a famous song about the event.
This singer and musician wanted to perform with his new band, but he was turned down. He was also being denied entry into the US.
This 'poet laureate' of the 60s declined an invitation to perform even though he lived nearby. He didn't like hippies and he was away.
This famous band of the 60s did not perform at the Monterey Pop Festival or at Woodstock. The band is famous for its lack of bassist and erratic (but wonderful) lead singer
This band that had a hit with 'A Whiter Shade of Pale' declined an invitiation because the concert fell at the end of a major tour.
This band was put on posters for the Walkill venue, but ended up cancelling because of another engagement. 'Nights in White Satin' at Woodstock would have been awesome
This band broke up just before Woodstock. The namesake of the group had previously worked with the Yardbirds.
This band hadn't done a concert since 1966 (not including the roof top concert) and didn't want to perform. Plus, the members were on bad terms

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