Gears of War 2 Characters

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HintCharacterAdditional Info
LocustPersonal Guard to the Leader
LocustUses a Shotgun
LocustAppears once/has no weapon
HumanDrives Assault Derrick
LocustUses a random Clever
HumanProfessional Thrashball Player
Machine Opens Doors
HumanHas many Tatoos
HumanHelps Delta with Intel
LocustUses a Longshot
LocustCreates air mines
LocustUses Boomshot
LocustUses Mulcher
LocustCan be Riden
HumanMain Character
LocustCan be Riden
HintCharacterAdditional Info
LocustSimilar to a spider
LocustUses a Boomshield
LocustUses a Hammerburst
LocustLeader of the Locust
Human Has four Brothers
HumanLeader of the C.O.G.
LocustHas no weapon
LocustUses a Flamethrower
LocustUses a Torque Bow
HumanBest Friend of the Main Character
LocustGuards the palace/uses Torque Bow
LocustIs used as landmines
LocustIs used as air mine
HumanA Sarcastic Person
LocustUses Gordon Pistol
LocustCan be Riden
HumanStranded Wife

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