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Gave $500 million directly to needy
established FDIC
Renovated 5 dams, created 20
Establishes minimum wage and hours
Created jobs, recreation, and oppurtunities for young
pays farmers to conserve
Protects against insider trading
Payed farmers to destroy crops
Lowers mortgage rates and allows farmers to refinance
creates government work buildings
Protected Bank Deposits up to $5,000
Moves presidents innauguration to the 20th
creates public buildings
DefinitionLawExtra Info
created as many jobs as possible for men+women
Forces companies to provide truthful info about stocks
Same as AAA except no tax
Provided affordable electricity for isolated rural areas
Established codes of fair competition
Provides mortgages for people who face foreclosure
Gives $2 billion to banks, railroads, life insurance
Provides homes for low income families
Men 18-25 planted trees
creates the National Labor Relations Board
Inspects banks and decides which can open
Provides money to states for jobs, schools

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