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Aname of headmaster of Hogwarts
Bname of death eater who escaped from azkaban (related to Sirius Black
Cname of hermiones cat
Dsecret group of students being taught defense spells
Emirrior that shows your most wanted desire
FHagrids dog
Gname of wizard bank
Hmust destoy all of these to kill an immortal
Ione of the three unforgivable curses
JHarry Potter's birthday
KAVADA ______!!
Llast name of 3rd year Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher
Mhead of gryffindor house
Nname of Harry's friend who's parents were given the Cruciatus curse
OHermione's patronus
Pmoony, padfoot, wormail and
Qa popular game played at Hogwarts
Rwriter and reporter of the Daily Prophet
Sstunning spell
Tlowest letter grade is T meaning
U5th year teacher and High Inquistor of Hogwarts
Va very famous Dark Lord
WAurthur, Molly, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, Ginny
XLuna's father and writer of the Quibbler
Ya dance at hogwarts in correlation with the Triwizard Tornament
Za joke shop in hogsmeade

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