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HintTowerEpic Popping Fact
Steel tips with yellow butts.Spike-O-Pult upgrade will help crush ceramic bloons.
Thumb + tack - thumb + shooter =These can pop everything in BTD4.
Boom! Headshot!Path 1 upgrades can cost under 6400$ sometimes!
Circuit Flyers.Lightning Scar+ 2/4 + 3 Monkey Villages 2/4 + All abilities active at once + MOAB= Popped MOAB and Glaive Tear Glitch.
You don't see his weapon 'til it's too late.Gotta love all things ninja! 2/4 and a MOAB. See what happens.
Sss.....KAPOWZER!!!Get the Specialty Building and get Black+Leads.
Someone needs hot cocoa...Not everything hits frozen Bloons, be warned.
He's all-- OW! Skin burned from stickiness!Don't glue ceramics if you want them to slow. They won't.
Arr, no hints for you, matey!Not every stage has water. Water=Monkey Bucaneer.
We have lift-off!Boom! Grab the Pineapple Present and you(BOOM)'ll be OK.
Make a sacrifice, or become a cyborg. Simple, right?Doth towers thalt wish to be sacrificed shalt be glad he did. His sacrifice shalt be helpful to clear all bloons.
Abrakabloonal!Get 2 of these. One for Air, one for Fire.
Quick! Get inside!This is just plain epic.
Cha-ching!Invest in the bank if you have Dartling Gunners. Elsewise, get the Factory.
Aim...FIRE!This doesn't actually aim on it's own.
Pew pew pew pew pew pew...Controls: Your mouse.
No, it doesn't get paid...Bad 'til it's upgraded.
Ka-chunk! Vrrrit! Munch munch... BACK TO WORK!His trap flashes when full.
Lawnmower of BloonsWide Funnel=Pure bloon annhilation.

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