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Forced Order
What is Miss Bianca's nationality (according to the plaque at the Rescue Aids Society)
American Actress Eva Gabor lends her voice to Miss Bianca in the rescuers...which other Disney character does she voice?
The Beatles are parodied in which Disney film?
Name the Leopard in the 1999 film, 'Tarzan'?
Who is the only actor to have voiced characters in both Disney and Dreamworks films, voicing animals on each occasion.
Flora, Fauna.....
Who says this?...'Memo to me... Memo to me: Maim you after my meeting.'
Name Pinnochio's conscience?
Name the two characters referenced in their film as 'The monster and the man'
'What I love most about rivers is.....'
What does Madam Mim do to break one of the rules in her wizard's duel with Merlin?
Three characters from other Disney films are 'hidden' in Aladdin...Beast and Pinnochio appear. Who is the other?
The Little Mermaid was released on the birthday of an Ooo De Lally member...who?
What is the first character we see in Disney's first feature length animated film?
Name the two birds who chase a caterpillar in vain in The Fox & the Hound?
Who says this?...'If it's not baroque, don't fix it.'
What animal is Jaq?
Which Disney character is mistaken for a 'Jagular'?
A sum...Multiply the number of dwarves by the number of Ursula's tentacles, then add the number of Dalmatian puppies. Finally divide by the number of Fates. What do you get?
Name Basil's trust Basset Hound?
An orchestral theme of which song preludes all Disney animated films from the 1970's onwards?
Bill Thompson is the voice of 'The White Rabbit' Alice in Wonderland...which other supporting Disney character does he voice?
Which entrepeneur in 1990 invested $50million in Pixar Animation Studios?
Who says this?...'If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all.'
What do you get if you add together the names of a criminal bear and an English explorer?

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