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What I've Waited for since - since birth
Well it depends on what you mean by 'friend'. I did know her.
It's time to trust my instincts. Close my eyes and leap!
Don't dream too far. Don't loose sight of who you are.
You're going to lose your heart to me I tell you!
The things one hears these days. Dreadful things.
So for once I'm glad I'm heartless - I'll be heartless killing her
Unusually and exeedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe
The trouble with schools is they always try to teach the wrong lessons.
Save us from the wicked. Shield us so we won't be hexed.
Maybe I'm brainless. Maybe I'm wise
Eleka nahmen nahmen a tum a tum eleka nahmen
Don't be offended by my frank analysis. Think of it as a personality dialysis.
Let us rejoicify that goodness could subdue
To treat each citizen of Oz as a son.
Because I knew you. I have changed.
What can I say? I got carried away. And not just by a balloon.
I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason
I think we've found the place were we belong. I wanna be in this hoi polloi

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