A Song of Ice and Fire Grab Bag Part 1

Random Literature or A Song of Ice and Fire Quiz

Can you name the the select facts from George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire?

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Daenerys' Dragons
Three Slaver Cities
Priests/Priestess of R'hllor
Daenerys' Bloodriders/Queensguard
The Nine Free Cities
Sellsword Companies
Known Valyrian Steel Swords
House Targaryan 
House Targaryan 
House Tarly 
House Stark 
House Mormont 
House Lannister 
Jaime Lannister (newly forged by Tywin) 
Joffrey Lannister (newly forged by Tywin) 
Which House holds these lands?
Bear Island 
Deepwood Motte 
The Dreadfort 
Greywater Watch 
Griffin's Roost 
Horn Hill 
White Harbor 
Name the Character?
Cat of the Canals 
The Onion Knight 
Prince of Dorne 
King Beyond the Wall 
Bastard of Bolton 
Maid of Tarth 
Captain of the Iron Fleet 
'Kissed by fire' 

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